Web Design, SEO and eCommerce Frequently Asked Questions


Web Design, SEO and eCommerce FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our experience and investment in the latest software and equipment enables us to maintain our productivity and efficiency. The low prices do not mean you will get a cheap website - on the contrary, we believe we build better websites than most other web design companies.
Each website has a unique domain name which is in fact its internet address - just like your house address - for example www.WebsitesNorthWest.com - no other website on the internet has this website address.
This depends how quickly we can confirm your design brief. Our aim is to have your home page available to view within 15 working days. If for any reason we cannot meet this deadline we will of course contact you.
No - all costs are detailed in our Price List - you only pay for what you need and the price we quote is the price you'll pay.
Responsive web design allows the website to change its appearance depending on the device it is being viewed on. By detecting the device type we can adjust a website to give the user the best possible viewing experience including mobile menu's and touch sensitive navigation. Responsive web design is now more important for a prominent position in Google after the launch of the Google 'Mobile Friendliness' algorithm in 2015 which boosts mobile search rankings for individual website pages that are mobile friendly and responsive.
Minor text changes and image updates are FREE and allow you to keep your website up-to-date and fresh. Search engines love new content!
Unfortunately for other changes a hourly charge will be made - we will always provide you with a price before we start any work.
Strictly 7 days from completion of your website and posting on the internet under your website address.
Prior to the expiration date we will contact you to renew your contract for another 12 months.
The current annual renewal fee of only £130 (£230 for eCommerce Online Shops) includes SEO, SSL certificate, support and another 12 months hosting. Annual domain name renewal is £20 and email address renewal is £35.
Yes - but in some cases there may be an additional cost.
An Enquiry / Contact / Quick Quote form allows potential customers to send you a message or enquiry directly from your website - without them opening an email program.
Web hosting is the allocation of disc space on a computer that it is accessible to the internet. Your website (computer files) will be uploaded to one of these computers on completion to allow internet users (and yourself) to view it.
Don't worry - it can take several days for search engines to pick up your website.
Google, Bing & Yahoo! account for over 95% of all worldwide internet searches - other search engines will pick up your website from these. All our search engine submissions are done manually and individually - we don't use automated programs.
A web page is a document within a website - with a unique address - which represents an individual page written in code and is read by the web browser and converted into the readable content we are familiar with.
Websites are made up of web pages and can be linked to other web pages in the website or other web pages on the Web.
Links between your web pages and other websites increases the rank in the search engines. More pages within your website will give you more links.
Try to separate content on your website by using extra pages - don't 'squash' everything onto one page - your customers will also prefer this.
Stop your competitors from using it and protect your name! Ensure your customers end up at your website - if you have purchased the '.co.uk' domain name and your customer types the '.com' address they will not find you. All additional domain names purchased can be re-directed to your new website seamlessly.
Regular updates maintain a good ranking and visibility with the search engines - and provide your customers with current information - don't give the wrong image with an outdated website.
Additional email addresses can be used to provide direct access to your employees, colleagues or family. They can also be used for different departments within your business.
Yes, just complete the enquiry form on our Contact Us page or telephone the Bolton Office on 01942 840 671 or 01204 895 331.
Yes, a £20 deposit can secure your name now - which will be refunded on completion of your website.
Yes, we have customers throughout the UK - all communications can be done remotely.
No, all our work is done in-house in the UK by our own staff.

If you have any further questions - or need help or assistance - please do not hesitate to contact us.

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